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Talent Show 2007 – Group Dance Competition

The 2st Annual Group Dance Competition and Talent Show was organized by Gujarati Society of Central Florida. It was held on Saturday November 3th, 2007 at the Lyman High School Auditorium in Longwood, Florida.

Laksha minor group won the 1st price, best costume and best choreography. Laksha’s 2nd minor group won the 3rd price. Laksha’s adult group participated in the non-competition category. All these dances were choreographed by Rakhi (Laksha).

Category Name Dance Title Positions
Minor Best Overall Performance Lakshya Maro Ghumar 1st Place
C. Dance Studio Krishna Remix 2nd Place
Bollywood Masti Maiya Yashoda Tera Kanaiya 3rd Place
Minor Best Choreography Lakshya Maro Gumar
Minor Best Overall Performance Lakshya Morni Baga Mei Bole Adhi Raat Ko
Minor Best Costume Lakshya Maro Gumar

You can read more on Gujarati Society Annual Group Dance Competition and Talent Show and other events at Gujarati Society Of Central Florida Website.

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